The Team

Scott Huthmacher
Director Of Operations

Nickname: Scooter

Scott, commonly referred to as Scooter, is a very valuable asset to the Propaganda Family. Scott comes from an extensive business education and has an MBA to show for it. I suppose you could say that Scott is the brains behind the operation at Propaganda. Scott enjoys solving problems and making everyones work easier and more efficient. Outside of work Scott enjoys modifying cars and watching “Top Gear” on Netflix. 

Fun Fact: Scott drives a yellow Ford Focus ST

Nima Bean
Director of Sales

Nickname: nemo

Nima, commonly referred to as “Nemo” like the fish, is one of our most senior employees. Both in age and in experience, Nima has been around for a while. Nima first started with us in September of 2014. Although he was hired as a wholesale consultant or sales representative Nima quickly adapted to the Propaganda workplace. Through hard work and innovation Nima quickly moved through the ranks of the sales floor and has now proudly earned the title of Director of Sales. Although Nima brings a certain tone of wisdom and intelligence to the office he has the heart of a young lad. His hobbies include working on cars, following anime culture, and experiencing all different kinds of foods. 

Fun Fact about Nima: During Nima’s adolescent period he experienced his first kiss. Some would say your first kiss was a magical moment, not for Nima. Nima managed to cut his tongue on his first kiss’s braces and resulted in a hospital visit with a lot of terror. He still to this day has nightmares.

Nicholas Conner
Warehouse Manager

Nickname: Pinto Bean

Nicholas, commonly referred to as “Pinto Bean” is our most senior employee. Nick has been with us since the inception of Propaganda. Nick has worked his way up from Bottle Boy to Warehouse Manager and has continued to prove himself as a major asset to Propaganda. Nick has a intuitive and logical outlook on operations. Nick has continued to innovate how shipping and operations are handled and has continued to improve the speed and consistency of operations. Nick has a strong passion and love for Propaganda and has completely devoted himself to the success of its legacy. Some of his hobbies include watching sad movies, playing xbox, and coaching flag football.

Fun fact about Nicholas: When Nick was a kid he enjoyed various activities. One of them included going underneath tables in public places and chewing the gum that had been stuck to the bottom of the table…  Also, he has a tattoo of a pinto bean on his left thigh!

Nicholas Bartetzko
Wholesale Consultant

Nickname: Mark

Nicholas, commonly referred to as “Mark” is one of our most senior Wholesale Consultants. Nick has been with us since March of 2015. He has broken two records and continues to thrive. Nicholas is like our child, he brings nothing but joy and innocents to the office. Nicholas comes from a long background of customer service and customer retention, understanding the importance of our customers he has made friends with all of his clients. His hobbies include riding dirt bikes, going to the beach, and eating chicken wings. 

Fun Fact about Nicholas: Nicholas has no fun facts.

Diana Downey
Customer Service Manager

Nickname: Princess Diana

Diana commonly referred to as “Propaganda Princess” is our Customer Service Manager. Diana started as our first customer service representative in March of 2015. Coming from a client relation position in another industry she was excited to take on the role of helping customers of Propaganda. Being a long time fan she was very eager to get on board. Diana has worked consistently on improving customer satisfaction and always advocates for the customers. Although she hasn’t been with us for long she has become a very valuable asset to Propaganda, and we are very grateful to have her. Diana loves all of her clients and always has a smile on her face. Some of her hobbies include being a vape model, breaking her vapes, and drinking pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks.

Fun Fact about Diana: Diana currently is the only female employee that works for Propaganda.