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Author: Hannah Purdy

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Published: October 26, 2018


You may have noticed a flurry of warning label hacks happening for e-liquid brands like us currently selling in the U.S. That is unless you live under a rock, which, by the way, would be very hard from which to vape. You can thank for the FDA for all of this exciting hyper-activity and can read all about the new regulations hereHowever, we’d rather celebrate all the clever ways brands requiring warning labels today have managed to be both compliant and captivating at the same time. Here goes:

Propaganda Keeps It Irreverent

We’re going to start with a shameless plug for Propaganda: after all, we’re pretty sure we’re the only ones offering a handsome-looking ball cap with the obnoxious new warning label proudly displayed across the front and our signature local on the back. Even our competitors would have to admit this swag is definitely eBay-bound. As is always the case with us, we’re giving them away for free when the moment strikes us! Turn on your Instagram notifications for @propagandaeliquid if you want to be among the first to know when we are giving them away.

Captain Morgan Takes the Integrated Approach

In keeping with our pirate theme from our last post, we have to give a shout-out to our favorite bottle of rum: Captain Morgan. No matter what flavored alcohol they’re promoting, they consistently use the same tasteful warning label hacks on their packaging. Our newly-minted hats are off to their designers for integrating their vintage fonts and graphics into the FDA’s verbiage. Way to keep the infamous buccaneer’s image alive next to that scary missive from the Surgeon General. We particularly like the “Drink responsibly. Captain’s orders” tagline they’ve added to the end of the copy.

Jack Daniels Emphasizes Elegance

Leave it to Jack Daniels to keep it classy. The government’s words of warning are tastefully positioned under the brand’s beautifully etched-in-gold Tennessee honey bee logo. Who knew a warning label could look like a piece of art?

Monster Tries to Blend In

Monster may be able to fool some people with this blatant camouflage tactic but certainly not us. We have to admit, though, that theirs is particularly well done. They’ve covered their whole can in a fancy schmancy lace design and simply blended their required “consume responsibly” sentence into it. You can barely see it amongst all the pretty swirls, but if you put on your favorite pair of “Where’s Waldo” glasses, you’ll definitely be able to find it.

Tide Says it With Symbols

From the campfire graphic indicating “flammable” to the lightning bolt meaning high voltages, when it comes to warning label hacks, we’re big fans of the visual aid. Tide, among many others, uses this strategy to remind consumers that their candy-colored detergent pods are not the least bit kid-friendly. And in case you’re wondering, there isn’t an official symbol for nicotine--at least not yet!

By the way, we like our Tide example for more than just the brand’s effective use of symbols. More importantly, it underscores the fact that all kinds of different product categories require warning labels--and for varying good reasons. What does this mean to us vapers? That we are all adults who like to sit at the grownups table. And Propaganda will be waiting for you the next time you do.

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