Vape on a Plane: Rules for Travelers

Author: Hannah Purdy

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Published: April 17, 2019


So, bringing your vape on a plane—or e-liquids, batteries, etc.—is one question (which we’ll address shortly), but let’s just confirm at the outset that the TSA electronic cigarette and vaping guidelines prohibit vaping, along with charging your vaping device, on all flights.

Safety should always be the topmost consideration when traveling, so as frustrating as some of these rules and regulations can be (especially when they’re constantly changing/in flux), let’s rest assured that they are designed to make sure travelers are safe and sound.

Make sense? OK. Moving on.

That said, while vaping or charging your device on a flight is prohibited, bringing your gear and e-liquids is not. You just need to follow the rules.

Vape on a Plane: Carry-Ons

First, remember that e-liquid has to be treated the same way as your other carry-on liquids.  That means they all have to be under 3.5 ounces, in a quart-sized bag.

Fun fact: Propaganda e-liquid (100ml bottle) is just 3.4 ounces, so pack as many of those as you can fit!

As far as your advanced personal vaporizer (APV), vape pens, and/or MODs go, they can ONLY be stored in your carry-on baggage, NOT in your checked bags. This is a battery issue, which we’ll discuss a little later on.  

Vape on a Plane: Checked Bags

If you’re checking a bag, you can bring as many of your favorite mixes as you’d like. Again, you can’t store your electronic gear in checked bags, which we’ll explain soon...

Vape Maintenance

While this isn’t required, it is super important. Not just when it comes to traveling, but also to ensure your gear enjoys a long life and efficient output.

Make sure devices are cleaned and taken apart. There shouldn’t be any liquid left over in your tank or pod, or officials will likely instruct you to put the potentially leaky device in the same liquids baggie with your juice.

It’s also going to be way easier for you to get through security if all of your pieces are cleaned, organized, and stored. Make their job as easy as possible.

Vape on a Plane: Batteries

Batteries are the big culprit when it comes to vaping gear and travel.

First, what kind of battery/batteries are we talking about?

According to the aforementioned TSA Guidelines, lithium-ion batteries are NOT allowed in your checked luggage.

They have to remain in the pressurized cabin, or risk explosion due to fluctuating air pressure.

Like your mobile device or computer, you do need to remove your lithium-ion-powered gear from your carry-on bags when you pass through security.

Devices that run on dry batteries (AA, AAA, C, or D) can, apparently, be kept in your luggage or carry on.

That said, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. We advise having a dedicated bag-within-a-bag for all your electronic vaping gear (so, not including liquids) that you can include in your carry-on bags.

Now that you’ve made it through security, you may be tempted to chase some clouds. Each airport might have slightly different rules and regulations. If you stick to designated smoking areas, you shouldn’t have a problem! Make sure to pay attention to signage, and if you’re not sure, just ask an airport employee.

Congrats. Now you know what it takes to ensure you get through security smoothly, your vaping gear is safe, and you’re following all the rules.

Please be sure to share any tips and tricks you have for traveling with the #VapeFam in the comments!

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