Vape Lingo to Add to that Glossary Growing in Your Head

Author: Hannah Purdy

Categories: The Vape Vocab

Published: August 11, 2018


As we mentioned when we launched this new section in June, vape lingo is an important part of the all-inclusive vape culture we call #vapelife. It’s not just because we want you to be cool—although that’s a nice side benefit—it’s because speaking the same language is one of the key ways you’ll bond with your fellow #vapefam members around the world.

With that in mind, this month we’ve got three exciting new words to add to that glossary growing in your head.

Advanced Personal Vaperizor (APV) – Often mistakenly referred to as a “mod” by mainstreamers trying too hard to be hip, insiders prefer to use this more technical term. As we know, APVs are not one size fits all e-cigs. They can be MODified in many ways, from replaceable batteries and variable wattages to personalized skins and wicks. They are as customized as the flavors you put in them, so be sure to use the proper vape lingo here.

Dry Hit -- This is something we hope you never have to resort to, which is taking a drag off your mod when it’s run out of your favorite Propaganda flavor. In fact, to help you avoid this horrible experience, we are in the process of creating an ecommerce shop on this very site. Sure, you’ll still have to wait for a snail mail delivery before you can refill your device, but our fingers are crossed that the very act of making an online purchase will keep you going until your package arrives. If not, you can always do a drive by at one of the thousands of vape shops around the world carrying our various collections. 

Dual Coil Tank (DCT) – We all know what a coil is, right? It’s the part of the device that heats up when the electricity runs through it. Here’s a quick refresher: “Positive and negative charges heat the coil, which in turn, transforms juice into vapor.” Take an educated guess as to what a DCT is then. That’s right! DCT simply means two coils, which means double the vapor in the same amount of time. The only downside, of course, is that DCTs reduce the life of your battery. So it’s kind of a 50 50 proposition.

Now that was fairly painless, wasn’t it? Vape lingo is definitely worth learning if it brings you closer to your fellow members in the #vapefam. Wouldn’t you agree?



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