Vape Glossary: Keeping up with the #VapeFam

Author: Hannah Purdy

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Published: March 18, 2019


Yes, we realize that it sometimes feels like you need a vape glossary to keep up with all the lingo used on the regular by our #vapefam. That’s why we plan to continue bringing you new terms to absorb in this user-friendly section we started last June. Our goal is to keep you in the know no matter where or who you’re vaping with around the world.

Here are three exciting new words to add to your deck this week:

Heat Sink: Although it may look insignificant, this is the component in most mods and e-cigarettes that helps control the heat of your device. A heat sink has layers, sometimes described as fins, that are designed to help dissipate heat, so you get an even clean pull every time! Nothing is quite as uncomfortable as a vape that runs too hot! If a heat sink sounds familiar to you, other everyday products also use it. From your computer to your cell phone, heat sinks help keep lots of equipment from overheating.

Ohm: You have probably seen this term used many times in the product descriptions for APVs, mods, and e-cigs. To be honest, it’s one of those scientific measurements that’s difficult to explain in a short blog post. Just know that a high ohm reading translates to a cool, thin vape experience while a low ohm reading provides a hot, dense encounter. The ohm number you want is personal but if you’re looking to chase clouds, for example, stick with a lower ohm such as 1.5 or 1.6.

Hot Spot: Let’s wrap up these new additions to your vape glossary today with a very important term. Hot spots are coils that have glowing spots on them, which can come from the improper wrapping of the coil. If you make your own coils, this is something you need to be really careful of! Not only is this dangerous to your device, but it can also make for dry and uncomfortable hits. Check out this video here to see what a hot spot looks like and then make sure to fix or replace any of your own defective coils right away!

Okay. You are now a bit more prepared to converse with our ever-growing #vapefam. That said, we’re always on the look-out for new phrases and expressions. If you like to wordsmith while vaping, too, feel free to leave us additions for our vape glossary in the comments below!

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