Reasons to Vape: Ex-Smokers Reap Side Benefits

Author: Hannah Purdy

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Published: August 04, 2018


Everybody has their reasons to vape and the Propaganda crew is no different. While we all enjoy the lifestyle, many of us used to smoke, but switched to vaping for the obvious, potential health benefits. (Until all the research is in, we’ll continue to defer to the scientists on this front.)

But meanwhile, there are plenty of other surprising side perks that come with making the switch. Below are five of our favorites:

Mood Swings are Encouraged

From fruit and menthol to cookie and candy, vaping is all about personal taste. And with thousands of flavors on the market right now, you can customize by the day or even the hour depending on your mood at the time. You want something to wake up with in the morning? Check out Subliminal from our Propaganda collection. A little sweet & sour to get you going.

Then there are the devices that are as individual as we are. Looking to channel Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt? Try a discreet pen to complement the other gadgets in your spy tool kit. More of a Selene from Underworld fan? Go with a retro future Steam Punk mod. The options are unlimited of course. If you haven’t already, Google “Custom Vape Devices” and you’ll see what we mean. Skins, tanks, coils and even batteries can be changed depending on your style and that’s why customization is always #one on our list of reasons to vape.

Leo DiCaprio will Love You

When was the last time you were driving and saw somebody toss their butt out the window? Now think about the last time you saw somebody toss their vape device out the window? NEVER!!   Some estimates claim there are over 176,000,000 POUNDS of cigarette butts discarded every year in the US alone. In addition, beach clean-up efforts have found that one in five pieces of litter at the beach are butts. As budding environmentalists, we vapers like to think we're following in the footsteps of vape poster boy and green celebrity leader Leo DiCaprio. We are just as passionate about creating a pollution-free society as the "Wolf of Wall Street" star, putting this important cause at the top of our list of reasons to vape. Can you imagine a world where there is not a single cigarette butt on the ground when we’re walking around Time Square?  No butts floating in the waves at Venice Beach?   We can!

Everyday is Groundhog Day

Did you know that almost every vape component is recyclable?  That’s right, just like Bill Murray’s classic film Groundhog Day, vape products can come back again and again. Plastic and glass liquid bottles are recyclable, and the box may be as well. The metal used to make the coil can be recycled. Any plastic on your device or mod can be tossed in the salvage bin, too. But most importantly the batteries, just like your mobile phone, can be dropped off at your neighborhood electronic recycling location. Check out this link to find places convenient and local to you.

Smokey High Fives All Around

Fire prevention is another good one for our list of reasons to vape instead of smoke—especially for us living in the high fire danger part of Southern California. Too often our hard-working arson investigators uncover the truth, which is that some irresponsible smoker tossed their unfinished cigarette out the window of a car and started the fire. Like we said before, vapers don’t just toss their device out the window when they are done. No matches to accidentally light a trash can. No disposable lighters exploding in the trash compactor.

Obviously, we encourage all vapers to be extremely careful with their devices, too; not just for Smokey but for their own safety too!

You'll Earn Mr. Clean's Coveted Seal of Approval

A throwback to the squeaky clean and smoke-free furniture is the last on our list of reasons to vape. Most of the smokers we know are conscious of the effects of their habit on their surroundings, and therefore, do step outside before lighting up. But still, the smoke can permeate everywhere: hair, clothes, furniture, drapes and even walls when they do return inside. This results include stale air and dirty-yellow staining. (Don’t even get us started on your teeth!)

Vaping doesn’t do any of those things. In contrast, it makes your home smell delicious. Personally, we enjoy the aroma of Grandma’s apple crumb cake and that’s why we aped it for our Reform flavor.

The above are just five on a long list of reasons to vape. So next time, you try to convince the smoker in your life to switch to vaping, tell them they’ll be saving the environment and preventing wildfires—in addition to living the awesome vape life. What are some of your favorite reasons to vape?


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