Props to Our A-List: GOT’s Own Princess of the North

Author: Hannah Purdy

Categories: A-List Vaper of the Month

Published: May 20, 2019


Leo DiCaprio. Katy Perry. Drake.

It seems that every day we spot another forward-thinking celeb who has embraced the vape lifestyle. Whether they’ve traded in their tobacco cigs for a mod or they simply appreciate a cool way to relax, these tastemakers have definitely discovered the joys of the juice.

We feel it’s time to give these celebs some #vapefam love, so we’re launching a brand new column called Props to the A-List. And given that all eyes are on Game of Thrones’ smokin’ final season right now,  it seems only right to launch the column with Sansa Stark herself, Sophie Turner.

Why She’s Hot...: Onscreen role as Lady Sansa Stark of Winterfell—and off-screen role as boy-band crooner Joe Jonas’ new bride.

...And Getting Hotter: Starring role as Jean Grey in the upcoming X-Men film, Dark Phoenix, opening on June 7.

Top Vape Ops: 1. In top hat and black fishnets for the Jonas Bros new music video, “Sucker.” 2.On the Rangers’ JumboTron with a glass of wine in one hand and her Juul in the other. 3. During this recent interview with Rolling Stone.

Favorite Factoids: 1. She’s British—no wonder she vapes with high style. 2. The GOT gig, which she landed at age 13,  was her first professional acting job. 3. Joe gave her a cherry-flavored ring pop on their wedding day.

Our E-Juice Recommendation: Given her penchant for fruit-flavored treats, we’d suggest something from our flagship Propaganda collection—refreshing blood orange and sweet and sour raspberry all taste like freshly picked fruit.

Congratulations to Sophie Turner on being chosen as Propaganda’s first A-List vaper of the month! Now sit back and enjoy a vape or two while you wait to find out who will be featured in June!

Are you surprised to learn that Sophie Turner vapes? What celebrity do you always see with a vape in hand? Let us know in the comments below!

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