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Author: Hannah Purdy

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Published: July 06, 2018


There’s interesting Instavape Accounts in them there digital hills!! Seriously, the vape lifestyle deserves to be celebrated and there’s no better place than Instagram. While we share our passion for vaping on our own account, we also follow like-minded vapefam members worldwide. Here’s five that deserve your love:

Vape in Travel

This account is still growing but we like what we see. Think of it as a series of digital postcards for vapers, featuring eye-popping travel photos interspersed with various subtle e-liquid and device shots. Vapers are cool people full of excitement—always willing to travel and send back pix from their globetrotting adventures.   This is one of those Instavape Accounts that really shows you how far we’ve come!

Vape Porn

It might sound like puffery at first, but once you see what’s here you’ll agree the tagline “The Original IG for Vape Porn,” is for real.  This account has been posting for six years and they offer a real smorgasbord of eye-candy--from a unique shark “vaping” underwater shot to user-friendly vaping tips for beginners and everything that’s visually striking in between.

Drip by Design

It’s no shock an ad agency dedicated to the vape industry would sport a killer IG account of their own.  Smart entrepreneurs ride the trending waves and these folks know their stuff. That’s why we chose them for our Instavape Accounts rundown.

The marriage of Instagram and vaping works here like cookies and milk and a long cool drink on a hot summer’s day. Even the name tells you how cool these e-liquid advertisers are.

Momentum is everything in this industry and Drip By Design understands that.    

Austin Lawrence

Meet Austin Lawrence, a 20-something influencer based in New Jersey, who knows how to fashion vape creations like he’s the latest member of Cirque du Soleil. He may be more geeky than sexy but we still like his style!

Vape Models

The vape model accounts are everywhere on IG and they’ll catch your eye while they sell you their stuff. We like the one literally called "Vape Models," where both men and women show their love of vaping. Equal opportunity and something for everyone’s eyes. What’s more, there’s tons of excellent shots of outstanding products.

A real digital vaping bazaar. What about you? What Instavape Accounts do you follow?


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