Five Smokin’ Hot Vape Models You Should Follow Right Now

Author: Hannah Purdy

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Published: August 24, 2018


Recently our fabulous publicist and head blogger, Hannah Purdy, decided to focus all her attention on her booming career as a smokin’ hot vape model.  While we’ll miss her here on the blog, we’re thrilled that she still has time, in between her other photo shoots, to grace Propaganda’s own IG feed every now and again. Inspired by Hannah and her latest endeavors, we’ve decided to launch a new feature on the blog, called appropriately enough, “smokin’ hot vape models.” Here are five we like this week:


Who else could be #1 on our list of smokin’ hot vape models if not @Pandora.Blue? She might be originally from a small town in Virginia, but with over 1.6 million Insta followers, she’s larger than life in the virtual world. In particular, we love the variety and diversity of her looks. Whether getting a tan by the pool or just lounging in bed, she’s always mixing things up. We especially like the time she rocked the pink hair; next time we’ll be sure to send her some Vape Pink to spotlight in her shots. Our girlish packaging alone is the perfect accessory to those attention-grabbing locks.


This Spanish beauty is numero dos and I’m sure you can see why.  From vape conventions to music festivals, she’s always packing her signature device and juice du jour in her latest adventure. And those awesome ocean backdrops make us want to take a vape from our own Propaganda Salts collection--just so we can channel that salty sea breeze.


This beauty from across the pond is number three on our picks of smokin’ hot vape models. She’s as obsessed with #vapelife as much as we are, and even relishes e-juice for breakfast.  Not to mention, who doesn’t appreciate a babe with an accent? We’d kill for a collab with this British bombshell for our Hype Collection, which just happens to be as sweet as she is.


Looking to up your cloud game? Then check out this vape queen’s feed of photos and videos highlighting her amazing tricks. She can blow circles around anyone’s clouds, so let’s get her a case of anything she wants now!

Hailey Baldwin

While not (yet) a smokin’ hot vape model, Hailey is one of the most chill models we’ve seen this past year. From lounging on the beach with her hubby-to-be Justin Beiber to opening Corona’s with her teeth on the Jimmy Fallon Show, it’s clear Hailey is a girl that can hang.

Given that there are so many beautiful, smart, bold and successful vape models out there, we just know this is going to be a popular feature on the blog.  So be sure to add your comments below. Who you think deserves to be on our next list of “smokin’ hot vape models?”

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