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Author: Hannah Purdy

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Published: March 26, 2019


Whether it be a custom mod, an e-cigarette, or APV, we all love our e-devices. But can your favorite vape tool respond to voice commands, track your nicotine consumption or connect to your phone? If it doesn’t yet, it will soon! Below is a list of some of the coolest new tech we’ve seen cross our feed.

IJOY Avenger 270: According to their website, “IJOY is changing the concept of what the future of vaping looks like with the new Avenger 270”. Although their claim to be the first mod to use artificial intelligence might be a stretch, you can adjust your wattage, lock/unlock your device, and change the light colors all with just one simple voice command. Granted, this e-device does have some mixed reviews. We still think it’s cool to be able to power it on by simply saying “Hello, IJOY!”  

Smok I-Priv:  Similar to the IJOY Avenger, the Smok I-Priv is also controlled with voice activation. Equipped with 14 voice codes, the I-Priv is one of the more futuristic e-devices we have seen so far. It’s even designed to look like a popular superhero: can you guess which one? (Think Robert Downey Jr.) It also features a dual battery life indicator on the screen, meaning you can see when it’s time to charge your mod. As a bonus, you can change the color of your screen to eight different colors depending on your mood.

YIHI SxMINI G Class SX55OJ:  While this mod may say “mini” in its name, with a price tag of $220, it’s not quite mini in its price. What do you get for that? The most powerful YiHi chip created yet, a dual battery box mod, options to change how you take a draw from your device, a joystick-controlled screen for ease of use, and 200 watts of firing power. In addition, it comes with a Bluetooth compatible app that lets you control your e-device from your smartphone. You can also save up to five custom outputs in the device memory, so you can switch up your vape sesh at the press of a button, instead of fumbling to adjust the controls each time.

Enovap: This is easily one of the most impressive e-devices we have ever seen. For starters, it offers two drip tanks, essentially doubling the space available for your favorite Propaganda e-liquids. There are different ways to customize the two tanks, from cocktail mode which allows you to mix the two tanks together, to nicotine mode, which lets you adjust the amount you consume during your day.  Perhaps more important, it boasts smart learning algorithms designed to help you decrease your nicotine levels. How? The algorithms learn your habits and needs and then delivers just the right amount of nicotine when you need it most. It even subtly reduces the levels over time. Finally, by connecting the Enovap to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can track usage, nicotine levels, battery power, and more with their handy app. Check its features out in this video.

With 2019 really just kicking off, we can’t wait to see what other geek chic e-devices await us later this year. What about you? Have you tried any of the above or do you know of any others our #vapefam should check out? If so, let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you!

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E-devices Go Geek Chic


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